Monday, Monday

Today was a Monday for the books. I am not one to complain (well, actually if it was an olympic sport…)

Last night I chipped a tooth on a cashew ball (yes, yay vegan snack). I had to then have an emergency dentist check up, which cost me an x-ray, to find that the tooth is hopefully not cracked but just a chip with no need of further fixing. Meanwhile, I am only enjoying lukewarm food and beverages until the sensitivity goes down.

This was after a preschedule appointment to get my annual blood work done for cancer screening, because of my family’s medical history. Its not a huge deal, but its also not my favorite thing to do seeing how I pass out at the sight of blood.

2019 has gotten off to a pretty rocky start. Michael lost his passport, I passed out on a plane, due to the sight of blood -okay it was a badly done 90’s movie but still. All these little things make some days harder to face than others. I just was curious if anyone else was having a rough go at 2019?

I just wanted to take a moment to declare that now that Spring is nearly here, a new season has come! And as the days stay a little brighter and the air smells a little sweeter, that truly and truly there are good things a head of us!

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