3:25 am - Real Talk Concerning Travel

So it is 3:25 am my time… but yet I can’t get comfortable on the plane. This is something that has always frustrated me. I am a small person I am roughly 5 foot 4 inches and my legs are shorter than my torso… but yet I can’t seem to make these airplane chairs fit all of me! My neck always seems on the brink of cracking and my lower back starts to complain. Everyone on the plane seems to have no problem falling asleep including Michael which I am thankful for, as we have a 4 hours drive home from the airport.

I think we have another 3.5 hours which isn’t bad. I just wish that I could fall asleep. It’s just me and some random guy who switched his light on across from me and it feels painfully bright. My eyes burn, my feet are somewhat swollen and tomorrow is a full work day ahead of me.

Welcome to the other side of travel that some of the other travel blogs won’t show you! Yes, traveling for work is the dream for everyone that craves to explore, seek, and try new things, but it is also hard. Not all flights are easy and not every BNB or hotel is as glamorous as our photos claim. In fact, the first hotel we stayed at in Singapore woke us up twice each night we there with a fire alarm followed by an announcement 10 minutes later that it was a false alarm and we could go back to sleep. And at the last BNB that we stayed in had a very bad mold problem in the shower room. Gross!

I am longing to sleep with my own pillow so that my neck won’t be sore in the morning. And right now the best thing sounds like washing my face and stretching out on a bed that I could lay horizontal in… none of this silly vertical chairs.

Also, the other ugly truth of traveling is that in the end you always have to return home. You can’t keep on travel mod forever and eventually, you have to come back home and face reality. The reality that the house needs deep cleaning, that the bills still came, and that there was yet another recall on your car that you have to drive to the next city to get fixed.

Then there are also the fun things such as social connections to revisit on your return. Friends and family have moved on without you while you were away and so it takes conscious effort to connect with them again and keep them updated with your life and you updated with theirs. If your not careful friendships can be lost or just simply forgotten in the mix of the traveling lifestyle. Even while aboard it is important to try to remain connected with loved ones. Usually, we try to remain available to text or Facebook message no matter what time zone we find ourselves in. With technology today you really can almost always reach anyone at anytime anywhere in the world.

The lights in the cabin are now slowly being activated to simulate morning, and crew seems now preparing our breakfast as everyone starts to stir.

I don’t mean to discourage anyone from travel! By all means, it is one of my greatest joys in life! With each trip, I feel more educated and more connected to the world around me. Travel expands our world view and ales us familiar with what once was the unknown. So, travel the world if you can, get outside your comfort culture and find yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable. Please note that it is hard, and will require you to remain flexible, teachable, and patient along the way, but may you enjoy the journey!