Welcome Home - A Poem

I am curious

Alive and young

I explore and dance

I run instead of walk

Life is too short

To know it all

But I want to reach

All that I can be

Travel is not just a pleasure

It is an education

It is a learning experience

I embrace new things

I taste and see

New colors

New smells

New hope


New heartache

My heart is not small

It has grown with time

With time

It has learned

It has seen

And now it cannot forget

I want to fully love

I want to fully embrace

We are all travelers

We are all looking for home

Home is not

A physical location

But a state of mind

With people

With the people, we love

For where you find

My heart

Is where you find

My home

Thus, my home

Is not alone

It is shared

It is in a common place

A place not small

Nor narrow

It is a place that is large

And broad

I welcome all

Welcome home