Finding a Cause

The more I travel the more I realize how small the world is. Each new place seems like one that I am instantly connected to like old friends meeting after years of being apart. So many places just feel so familiar though I have never been there before. I love walking down a new street, hearing new sounds, and smelling new things. But again, the new doesn’t seem so distant but close like a memory.

People are people everywhere. Each is special with a story all of their own. Each with hopes and dreams that they have yet to share. Each person was/is the world to someone at one time. And we all share very basic core values. We all want what we think is best for us, and we want not only to survive but to thrive.

We also share this present moment. All of us here are in this same loop of time. We all share the day and the night as they come. And we all are familiar with what time brings; life, pain, happiness, joy, and death. Or as “Lion King” calls it “the circle of life.”

My thought for the day is, how are we helping others on their journey? We are all in this circle of life, and what goes around does come around. As a humanitarian, I love the concept of paying it forward. Or random acts of kindness to strangers and those around us. An act of kindness will look different for each person according to their capacity and reach. But even if it is a smile given to a stranger or hot tea with a friend in their time of lament. Simple acts of kindness impact deeper than we might ever know.

The world is so large and yet the more I see it, the more I realized how connected we are. Everyone lives day to day for similar goals. To make money, to provide, to follow in love, to raise a family. And though we all might go about the means of all these things in different ways, we have the same hope in mind; to do well, to thrive. And yes, sadly some only have the hope to survive.

I am used to my lifestyle and my hope is that it will only keep getting better, so sometimes it still shocks me when I see extreme poverty alongside wealth. It is overwhelming, that two very different worlds can overlap for all to see.

I know that I want to contribute in some way, but for now, I know that I can do what I can.  Even if it is just being an active voice. There are so many great non-profits and humanitarian efforts around the globe that are reaching people far better than I ever could. So I just wanted to encourage you to get involved. Find a cause that pulls at your heartstrings. Find some injustice that makes you cry and stirs your very being. Then find those that also have this battle cry and rally with them. Partner with others and pursue your cause.

Now I won’t want to shout about something that I, myself am not practicing. For me, I have a few causes that are close to my heart, but the one that I wanted to share was “We Welcome Refugees.” For the past several years this has been something that my heart burns for. And while I strongly encourage you to discover your own cause that you can rally behind, I wanted to give them a shout out, and encourage you if you know that your heart breaks for a displaced people, check out their site:

Thank you all!

Sometimes you have to get away from the world to have a clearer prospective on it.

I hope that you all are inspired to make the world a better place.