Over-Coming Shame

At the end of the day, we can only do the best that we can. Even if your best is incredible and done with excellence, sometimes it is never enough. However, it is learning to be okay with the fact that all that we have to give might actually come up short… and that is okay.

As kids, we think that we are investable and that the whole world would move if we asked it. But somewhere along the way to adulthood we lose our belief that we are superheroes. We lose our belief that we have the greatest family or mom or dad in the world. We lose our belief that the world could ever be or ever was perfect.

What causes us to stop believing. Well, just life experience for starters. Followed by disappointment and taught shame. We are not born with shame, a child that comes out naked and ugly does not cry because of either of those factors, but it cries because it wants something, it wants comfort. It is later that the child becomes ashamed of its body once it has been taught what beauty is, and what beauty is not. The child learns to be ashamed of what it is not, and then also for what it is.

Shame is never useful, it always what holds us back and makes it almost impossible to move forward. Shame causes us to stand still.

I am still on my own journey with shame. I want desperately to leave shame behind and totally be free. But with years of listening to that little self-doubting voice in my head, makes it is a hard voice to shake. It takes rewiring the way that we think. Creating a new voice that is louder than the old voice. A new voice that shouts that we are good, we loved, and that we are beautiful.