Food Travel

My stomach is rumbling and my month probably still tastes like yesterday’s breakfast. All I really want is a nice kale salad with flaxseed oil and vinegar on it! But what I have is a far cry from greens. Currently, I am traveling while doing the new diet given to me by my nutritionist. Basically, I can eat greens, meat, nuts, and bone broth and not much else. So I was able to bring with me a large bag of almonds and one large bag of pumpkin seeds. Both bags were so large that they pulled me over to the side in security to double check them. I also had two jerkies from Whole Foods, and for my cheat -an apple with a pack of almond butter.

I can honestly say that I am almost sick of almonds and meat. All I want are greens -but how do you pack a fresh salad on a plane?

We are currently on the second leg of our travel for today. Michael and I had a quick stop in Sweden after a 10-hour flight. During the layover, we stretched and I found a sad excuse for a salad, and Michael had a freshly made pineapple pizza that looked so good it was at least check out at least 7 times before Michael came back from the bathroom. Literally, I felt like the ugly sister sitting there with her prettier, younger sister, while hot guys flirted with her.

“Oh, look at that Pizza!”

“Mmmm… looks so good.”

“Pizza…. yes pizza!”

Okay, back off droolers!

Anyways. I picked apart a cold chicken salad, that had ingredients that I had to eat around, and though it was less than satisfying -I had maybe a half of cup of greens! And now I am trying to wait for landing in Dubai before to eat again.

I think I have another 3 hours before we get to Dubai. When we land we will check into our hotel and hopefully fall right to sleep. I am praying before 3 am… hopefully!

Michael is asleep now, and I have had maybe 2-3 hours of sleep in the last 17 hours. I have always envied him. He can sleep anywhere at anytime. And at the moment he can eat anything…. at any time.

But this is not his food journey, it is mine and I am not going to wish this on anyone! Low blood sugar is a beast, an angry beast that growls loudest when I am hungry. And currently, I am hungry. So I thought that perhaps because there was nothing left to eat I could write about food instead… it wasn’t helpful ;)  

Welcome to my food rant! Hope that it was somewhat entertaining.