Word for 2018: Establishing a Firm Foundation

Every year holds something new and different. Every year has its own unique feel and purpose. In 2016 my word for the Year was “Hello” -saying hello to new things and letting go of the past. 2017, I felt was a continuation of that word, as I let go of old things (a comfortable job for example) and embrace new beginnings and new adventures (my journey as a blogger and private contractor).

This year I the word or phrase rather that was highlighted to me was, “Establishing a Firm Foundation.” With so many changes in the past year, I am just now beginning to find my footing once again. My husband and I have a new pace of life, one that includes a lot more travel and an unstable schedule. So learning to be flexible and a better manager of my own time is something that I have been fine-tuning the last few months.

Also, though every year is spent in preparation for the next, I feel like this year will be a turning point. I feel like this year is on the cusp of all that I have worked and dreamed for. Things that I have thought were so far off suddenly feel so close and reachable. So with final prep and care, this year is the year that I firmly establish traditions and principles that have been so scattered. I want to be ready when my husband and I launch our own business, as well as our own non-profit (which has taken a back seat, now that the work as a contractor has picked up so much). We also want to prepare for when we start the process of adopting our first child. I have been feeling like this time is closer than ever before! And I honestly, cry every time I begin to think about meeting my daughter for the first time.

Over the next few weeks, I want to take a moment and go over just some of the basics. Basic things that make life so beautiful and full. Because when you have a firm footing on the little things that make up every day, it is easier to have a firmer grasp on the bigger things.