New Year Declarations

Well, it is the first conclusion of the first weekend of the new year!

Every year I make new year's resolutions and every year I keep most of them. As a high functioning INTJ on the Meyers Briggs and a 97% C on the DISC, my goals are very serious matters. I am honestly the healthiest and strongest I have ever been! And my resolutions this year are just to be better and stronger than ever before. To push myself further and challenge my limits physically!

However, one thing that I am still working on is my self confidence. It is something that I have struggled with every since I was a child. I had a very low self-worth, and questioned whether or not I was even loved. As a teenager I went through deep times of depression, but my parents didn’t know how to help me, and they had their own family crisis because my mother was battling cancer. So they did the next best thing to signing me up for therapy, they bought me a dog. A little toy poodle who I named “Prince.” He had one of the sweetest and kindest of temperaments, and did truly help me through a dark time. However, even then I still have scars and wounds that need to heal.


Something that I have learned and have now witness, is that words create words. Our words are powerful, and our self talks and thoughts all play part into who we are as a person. So I have 10 different declarations that I have written out and placed around my home. Little pieces of paper with these words, are in my current book I am ready, my daily to do list, and in my morning devotions. I want to repeat them until I believe them. Until I become them. Now they may seem silly and basic, but they are what I need to start building out a stronger foundation.

My focus for this first month of the year, is building a foundation. I am not sure how long I will take to explore all that this means and how applicable it will be to my life, but for now in this moment, I feel that it is important place to start. So without further ado, my new years declarations:

  1. I am intelligent

  2. I am strong

  3. I am healthy

  4. I am loved

  5. I am worthy

  6. I am confident

  7. I am wealthy

  8. I am successful

  9. I am beautiful

  10. I am sexy

In closing, I would like to encourage you to take a moment to pull out your journal or phone and write out any words that you need to tell yourself. Words that you may have needed to hear from someone significant in your life, but they never took the chance. Or perhaps words that are the opposite to what you have heard. For example; I was told that I was stupid, and thus I am declaring that I am intelligent. Best of luck, and just to get you started; you are brave and you are beautiful!

Hello, 2018! Let’s see what we can do together.