Learning to be Flexible - Takes Courage

My focus this month has been establishing a firm foundation. And honestly having the wake-up call with my health and trying to reset my body comes really at the perfect timing. Even though I have other things planned, I wanted to take a moment and just acknowledge that life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes we are forced to color outside the lines that we love, simply to help us grow and give us a new perspective on how the world could be.

This journey of health for me as really helped me know that -I don’t know everything when it comes what I think is best for me. And this leaves me open to input. I am not old, but I have been set in my ways since I was young. I love things to go according to plan, and I love making that plan! Yet, I would not consider myself a control freak, just someone who is very OCD when it comes to scheduling. ;)

The nice thing though, that many things in life can be forgiving. Yes, there are certain foods that I will never be able to fully enjoy again, but a balance in my body is on the horizon -if I follow this new lead, and submit myself to some rewiring. In all honesty, it is a very humbling process. Even my close friends protest with “You were so healthy, what happened?” Yes, I was very healthy in appearances, but inside I knew that things weren’t working perfectly. But because I am stubborn and maybe a little bit prideful, I pushed on, even though at times I was in a lot of pain, and I didn’t want to admit it.

Fear has gotten a bad name, but fear is also what keeps us alive. It was when I started to fear that something was terribly wrong that I was able to gather my courage and face the truth that I needed help. Fear can keep us aware, and alert to our surroundings and thus as was stated, keeps us alive. But when fear does us a disservice is when it keeps from living.

All that to say, I am very excited to regain my footing with my health and to find balance once again. I want to be able to live the best life that I can and to leave a legacy for a generation that I will not know. By taking care of my present I know that I am helping shape and give strength and life to a future that will live beyond me.