Emotional Health Goals

Now that we have talked about my spiritual goals for 2018 (Link here), I wanted to follow up with my goals for emotional health.

Emotional health is something that I have struggled with over the years, though if you were to ask me how I was most days, I would simply say that I was “fine.” I was raised in a world where it was not welcomed and/or shown how to express emotion properly, and thus 30 years later here I am today, still discovering why certain words and situation are prime cause me to trigger, thanks to stuffing emotions for so long.

But with every year of self-discovery and many Sozos and counseling sessions later, I think I have a pretty good idea of steps that I need to take to continue to a better place of emotional health.

  1. Stabilize my day -this means that if I can confirm errands, and appointments the night before with those that I am meeting with, it helps my day feel so much less stressful.

  2. Keep a record of good, not evil -For this is just simply stating 3 things that I am thankful for every day. If can I recognize 3 good things even in the worst of situations, then this simple task will help remind me that not all is bad in the world.

  3. Allow myself to cry, when I want to cry -This may seem simple but it is hard to feel like I can drop my guard and my pride when it comes to shielding a few tears. Crying is a really good way to release and recognize emotion. In childhood, there was so much shame associated with crying, that I only remember doing it a few times in front of my parents. But now as an adult, I am learning to embrace this part of the emotional process.

  4. Journal when I need to process - I am an internal processor so for me, that means that I won’t share my thoughts and feelings with people until I know what I actually think. However, I might need a place to gather and process them, and I have found that journaling out my thoughts doesn’t just help me feel like I have clarity in the situation, but it also helps me present them logically when I do go to share them with a friend.

  5. Keeping my boundaries even when other people push - As an INTJ I am someone that does not trust easily. I take time to warm up to people, and will only let people in if they have proven that I can trust them. Yes, this may not be the healthiest way to make friends, but if I sacrifice my standards I know that I will regret it later. Thus, keeping my boundaries and respecting myself, is a simple but significant step for me to take.

So those are my 5 simple steps that I am taking this year to towards my own emotional health, and I would love to know if any of those resonated with anyone, or what your own goals are this year to better emotional health? Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas below!