Crazy Idea

New journey’s always begin with a crazy idea… and slowly with time that idea becomes one that you cannot shake. It is the first thing that you think about when you wake up, the quiet place your mind goes in a moment of silence, and the last image you see as you drift into unconsciousness at the end of a day.  Soon the idea is shared with those close to you, as just a passing thought, but yet conversation catches and it is soon the topic of many secrets shared. Then the idea becomes so large that not only your close friends can see it, but those you pass by begin to ask because there is a stirring in your air.

 My husband and I like new ideas, but yet I also like security -knowing the routine and structure of the day is of utmost importance. So this new idea felt like not a step, but a jump into the unknown. Jumping is scary, it can cause injury to your person if you are not careful. It is full of uncertainty… and everything that my logical brain hates. But yet, this idea, this invitation to jump became more and more inviting.

So I jumped. And I have yet to land, but that it okay. The view is nice here, and I am in good company.

 This new journey is the beginning of my life as an entrepreneur. I will be working on the first steps of launching our non-profit, focusing on the legal and technical side of things. (More on the mission and vision of our 501c3 will be the topic on a later post). Along with the non-profit both my husband and I have been slowly creating our own for-profit businesses -which should be in full force this Fall.

So here is to all those that jump or are considering jumping... do not be afraid of the fall, because it is not really falling if your timing is right. Cheers!