The Care and Keeping of Michael… AKA Lost in London

Every once in a while, I write a blog where my husband is the main focus of my rant –love. We have been married now for seven years, and it seems that he still has so much to learn. ;)

Our trip to London and Harrogate was for his work, and I had the joy of tagging along. And thus, because it was a “his” work-related function I did not think that my oversight was needed… that was until the night before we left.

I had already gone to bed and was not happy that I needed to be up again in the next couple of hours when I receive a text from my dearest informing me that we had to leave another 45 minutes earlier in order to pick up another team member. A bit angry, but because it was a work trip there was nothing I could say; “But of course.” I then drifted into sleep with a deep fear of how this was a foreshadowing of things to come.

I am a planner and details person to the T. Details are the security that make dreams possible and tomorrow embraceable. Not having a plan is like trying to arrive at a designation without a map… Oh wait -that happened several times on this trip.

Michael is a big picture guy… He loves to dream and he makes snapshot plans without the little details. The little details are my best friends, without them I’d be lost… and as I mentioned earlier -we were lost.

As I found myself countless times on a journey with one of the lost boys, I quietly pondered to myself: “Maybe it is just as much my fault as it is his. Just because he says that he booked the hotel does not mean he knows what time check in is, or how to get there from our current location. These things are perhaps something that I should look up and take on with my second nature... hmmmm…. I find it hard to trust people with the little details, and maybe this is why I am constantly getting less trusting.”  

Then my self-talk would be interrupted with the running for another tube, or in times of real defeat –waiting on the curb for our Uber to come take us away to our next location. Uber perhaps is one of the greatest tools for the city traveler. Like a lost puppy with a micro-chip, you don’t even need to know where you are. You just appear as a little dot on the map, and a friendly stranger comes and finds you, tells you to jump in their car, and then you magically appear at the place that you wanted to be all along. It’s a joy and a wonder! ;)

So note to self, always load the map, and have phone numbers ready just in case of the unplanned. Oh, and it might be good to activate the international phone plan before you leave your country… not that we know from experience or anything.



*For those of you that worry if Michael is aware that this post and picture exist -he does! And he gave his full approval for this content to be shared.

*For those of you that worry if Michael is aware that this post and picture exist -he does! And he gave his full approval for this content to be shared.