Graduation & Goodbyes

It is the same every year -big parties and festivities, followed by formal and informal goodbyes. The kind of goodbyes that make both your heart and your eyes melt a little. Every year, I know that this day is coming and though I think that I am ready for it -I never am! We have had the honor and privilege of living in community with a wide variety of people ever since the summer of 2011 when my husband and I decided to open our home to students that attend the local school of ministry. Little did we know how wonderful and trying this journey would be, and how it would influence our day to day life here in Nor Cal.

Today is the first graduation of three, and already my eyes and heart burn from the flow of tears. Good tear, ugly tears, tears from the deepest part of the soul, that one does not know it was possible to expose. These girls each year go from strangers to family over the short duration of 9 months. Each one is so different and so unique and special in their own way. Like a proud parent, I am so excited for them to spread their wings on their way to bigger and better adventures yet ahead.

I love and loathe these moments. We are quiet working separately, on our lives, but yet we do life together, and that is what makes it beautiful. We have seen each other in the best and the worst of times, yet we have learned, and loved through those times. And we have come out the stronger for it. I cannot even begin to express how much I love each one of these girls, and I cannot even begin to imagine opening my heart next year, to start this same sacred process with strangers all over again! In this moment in time, my heart belongs to these girls, and to them alone!

So for now I will wipe this heart felt tears away with a sad smile, and press on to love, and to love again. Goodbye my darlings! I know the best is yet to come! 

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