World Events

 I live in a little place called "Redding, CA." It is not the smallest place that I have ever lived, nor is it the largest. I often miss the all the perks that come from living in a big city. Live shows, theme parks, zoos, night life, etc. But I have come to call this place home, and when I am away I have learned that I miss it, something about it, makes it feel like my own.

However, I am finding myself with itchy feet. I want to explore, experience new cultures, and see history in the making. Lately, it seems that there are world events that shake our quiet and safe paradigm of how we view the world. Now when something happens in -what was once a far off land, it catches me off guard, because the land now seems very close and dear to heart. Having traveled numerous places, and now having friends that expand beyond the places I have been, it makes every location somehow connected to me whether through a personal relationship, or experience.

Though I do not need to worry about a explosion coming through my roof, and I do not need to live in fear of my basic needs being met... I still find myself concerned. Not for me, but for those close to my heart. And those that are close to my heart are people that I have not had the privilege to meet yet.

With everything that is happening in the world how can I just sit from a far and watch? I know that God has put these places and people on my heart for a reason, and though I am not there, I can bring awareness to needs and pray from afar.