Does Sugar Actually make you bloated?

So ladies, and gentlemen, we all love it, and we eat it more than we realize. Sugar, and sugar like products are among us. We consume them mindlessly and then sit back and wonder why we have a belly. But then there are those voices that tell us;

"A little here and there is alright."

"Eat everything in moderation."

"Just a bit, its a special day."

"I'll give up sugar tomorrow!"

However, does tomorrow ever come? And what day isn't special? What does moderation look like? And what qualifies as a "little?" These are questions with impossible answers, that vary from person to person. Sugar is the demon that we love and make excuses for. It is like trying to part with an emotionally exhausting friend, knowing that in the end, it would be better for our personal health if we parted ways. But in the moment, it seems less painful to keep the unhealthy relationship than to say goodbye.

Welcome to your relationship with sugar!

I am a person of extremes, so when I eat junk, I eat all junk! And when I don't eat junk, I avoid everything that might be even slightly "evil!" For the past month, I have avoided all gluten, processed, and sugar, both whole and refined. It went really well, and all the flab that seemed to blanket my abs started to melt away... but then something unavoidable happened... the nature of woman came upon me, and my chocolate cravings were so strong that it was dangerous to talk to me if you did not bring a cocoa peace offering. It has been 3 days of eating chocolate, all chocolate -I mean even the cheap chocolate, that only is labeled "chocolate" but doesn't taste like chocolate, and the only satisfying thing about it is, that people say that its chocolate, so you eat it. Anyways....

I ate and ate, not really horribly but horrible for this extremist. I now, only after 3 days have an unwanted inch around the middle! 3 days after a month of sacrifice! Oh, the sadness! Now, everyone's body response differently to different things. The key is to know what makes your body bloat! Bloat is not a natural reaction, and though it seems to be what most people think is a sign that one is finally full, it is not! Please listen to your body, it is trying to tell you something with little hints that it is uncomfortable.

Sugar, though it is tasty, is not something that your body naturally craves! Sugar is very tricky, and the more you eat the more you want (Follow this link for how sugar cravings/addictions work). But your body even though it craves it, also is able to drop little hints that it really doesn't want it. Hence, the bloated belly, the little fog that comes over the mind, until more sugar is consumed to wake it again.

So does sugar make you bloat?!?

In short;


Helpful tips to quit sugar... coming soon!

Photo by  Jennifer Pallian  on  Unsplash