Extraordinarily Average

Today was mostly average. A few scattered meetings, some were planned, and some were not. Had a friend drop by from out of town, for a quick time of connection. Had a late night meeting, and ate dinner in the comfort of the office lunch room. Found later that the meeting had been shifted to another date, and came home to do volunteer work, and finish one audio book, drop a note to a friend, and try to gather my thoughts.

When looking back over the conversations and the interactions that I had with friends and co-workers, this average day was actually a pretty good day. Nothing huge was accomplished, and nothing new was discovered, and yet I end the day feeling strangely satisfied. Things couldn't have gone better if I had tried! ...Or could they have? But yet, I find that I did try.

I tried to be pleasant, and to make direct eye contact with everyone I held a conversation with. I tried to be in the conversation that I was in, and not formulate my answer. I listened when I needed not to say anything, and I spoke when I found that encouragement was needed. And truly, that was the best I could do.

Some days in the midst of the chaos, we forget that the others we are "dealing" with are also human. That they have a life that may be filled with more chaos than our own. They could have a family, a struggle, a sorrow, or a hopeless situation that they are trying to live through. We really don't know who we meet on the street, who we cut off on the freeway, or who takes forever to return a simple email... but at the end of the day, did we treat them with kindness? Did we see them as the heros of their own story? Did we champion them in their darkest hour? I always would rather error on the side of letting people off the hook, than poking it through them.

Today was an average day, and I had very average interactions with the people around me... But what made the day more pleasant was that I remembered that the people themselves, that these human beings, were not average, but voyagers on a journey all their own. And it is my honor and privilege to host them in my moment's harbor for a time. And then away they go, off to change and challenge the world in the what may seem to be the most average way possible, but yet their actions are extraordinary.

There is hope

There is life

There is adventure

In every day

It is just waiting for us to response to its invitation.