Dealing with Holiday Grief

Lights on houses and trees, holiday wishes, and season greetings are in the air, the world is ready to celebrate. Yet each year, this time is bittersweet. If you have lost a loved one, you know that the holiday season can be extremely painful. Remembering faces and hearts that are no longer with us, while trying to set new traditions yet missing the old ones… feels like parting with a warm hug.

New is not bad, but it is change. Change is not bad, but it is hard.

Since the passing of my mother, my childhood Christmas that I had come to know ceased to exist. And 13 years later… I feel like I am still stabbing in the dark trying to find new traditions that make my holiday complete. Time will heal all things -they say, but time is not a healer nor a comforter. Time is a journey, and each year is a step further away from a past that I cannot return to.

Instead, I look off into the distance and watch the shadows of another time dance across the memory of my mind. I close my eyes to see faces and open my ears to hear the laughter that I have almost forgotten. I thought getting older and setting my own traditions would make it easier to move on from the past, but instead, as the time gap widens so does the hurt in my heart. So I just wanted to take a moment and say to all those that have lost someone;

To take a moment, it’s okay to cry. Let your heart hurt for them. Close your eyes for a moment and forget the distance and the time. And reach across eternity and remember. Our loved ones deserve to be remembered not forgotten! Let the light that they lite in your hearts burn warm and bright this holiday season.