New Years In New York

When you are given a once in a life time opportunity, you don't pause to consider it -you jump! You take it! In April 2016 it was offered to my husband and me to be a guest at a New Years Party in Time Square in New York for 2017! We said yes, and worried about the logistics later. 

Travel tips for New York on New years! 

  • Come a few days before, just so that you can be familiar with your surrounds and do the tourist things before New Years happens.

  • Get a central hotel -it will be a bit more costly, but honestly, the money that you will save on taxis is worth it

  • Book your hotel a year in advance! -Seriously, we had a great location and there would be no way that we could have gotten the rooms last minute! As the saying goes -"The early bird gets the room!"

  • A hotel Room is the only way to see Time Square at New Years! -This was amazing! We were able to see all of the celebration in the comfort of our rooms! And we had special access to go through the square when others who did not have a hotel room where turned away due to security.

  • Go out in the middle of the day -after the morning rush hour, and before the 5 pm commute.

  • Take Uber, not Taxis! -all of the taxi drivers were rude and honestly, they driving was a bit crazy! All our Uber drivers were super cool and personable -and obeyed the traffic law! ;)

  • Stay until the 2nd! - Seriously don't try to fly out on the 1st! After a late night of celebration sleep in and enjoy one more day in the big apple! -What is the rush?

As usual -my camera and I had a wonderful time documenting this adventure, I hope that you enjoy!