Why do Opposites Attract?

So... in my last few posts, I might have made some passes about how I am married to an opposite human of myself (guilty as charged I know). If I was looking in a mirror and the reflection... no, never mind, that analogy doesn't work. Anyways, my spouse is very different from myself, and sometimes, I look at him and think;

"How does that pass through your mind as rational?"


"I never would have imagined that in a million years..."

You understand the dilemma. I love him dearly, but often times I find it amusing that this very different personality, made my little introvert heart skip a beat. My heart and my head (because I am very similar to Spock on these things) must have consulted together and for some reason, said;

"Yes, we like that one! He is soooo amazing!  ...and odd. We don't understand his logic, but we will gladly run beside him!"

5.5 years later, here we are! No, it is not miserable, but it has been a growing experience and continues to be so. If you have not figured this out, I am extremely introverted, yet many people when I first meet them assume that I must be the extrovert... No, I just know how to be nice to people, and have restrained my urge to run away when people start to engage me in conversation.... kind of.

My husband is extroverted to his core! Example A -When I tell him that I want a nice quiet evening at home, after a full week of nightly engagements, his response is; "Great! Who would you like over for a movie or glass of wine?!?"

??? I mean really!!?????

Oh, my darling... that is not how I recharged.

Now I have many stray thoughts of why opposites attract but my favorite is the following;

One thought that I know made my now spouse, so intriguing to my little heart in the beginning stages, was the fact that he was so different (AKA Opposite)! We as people love mystery, we like to be intrigued enough that we think we know whats going on, and then to be left without the final conclusion (and by we, I mean not me, I like closure)!

This concept would make for a great movie that is ramping up for a sequel, but it isn't the most ideal when we are scouting relationship material. But we still crave it... and we chase mystery and intrigue willingly into the dark!

Also, I have heard that others (not me of course), sometimes find routine and safety somewhat drab. And thus having someone that thinks differently than yourself, is a sure way to keep things interesting and changing! When someone is so different from yourself there is no way of knowing what they are going to do, or say next!... (And dear Lord, it is the "say" part in our relationship, that keeps this girl on her toes! Oh... the joys of living with a verbal processor).

...BUT!  For whatever reason not knowing what this opposite is going to do or say, is very sexy.

Again, on the same note, the unexpected can be quite thrilling! So forget just the mere relational chemistry at play here, our bodies also respond to the adrenaline rush of the unknown. We are thrill seekers, and mystery is thrilling! And the opposite is thus unexpected, mystery that we can't help but want to solve!

But sadly the spouse is not a puzzle that comes with a box with a clear picture of what it should look like when all the pieces come together! ...No! They come with no box, and no cheat sheet of what the end product will look like. So be sure that if you are a fan of mystery, be aware that opposite that you are attracted to might be an impossible mystery to solve!

So to all the singles; Happy Hunting! -Its a week till Valentine's Day! :P