My Maid of Honor Speech to My little Sister

I really wish there were some embarrassing stories that I could share with you about Kaylin but in all honesty… she isn’t that kind of sister. Unfortunately, I am the one that all the embarrassing stories are about, and I stand before you slightly embarrassed and probably a bit too proud of that fact. Kaylin though is the little sister, that every troublesome older sister would hope for. She would keep your confidence (expect when she would accidentally tattle) and would look up to you with a sense of awestruck wonder that said- either “I think you’re brilliant!”  or “I am telling an adult before you get us all killed”.

Kaylin has always been kind, and understanding, and a great listener. And it has been an honor and a joy to do life as sisters even though we started that relationship a bit later in life- I know that we were able to make up for lost time.

On the subject of Kaylin and Marriage -Kaylin was always a bit shy of admitting to crushing on boys… And thus Jeremy and I would often make fun of Kaylin and would tease how she was going to meet a nice Amish man and have dozens of dozens of children someday. As you can see a nice Amish man was just waiting for her! One August night I received a phone call from a very excited Kaylin telling me all about a boy… it was such an odd occurrence that I journaled it! Ladies and gentlemen, I am very proud to say that when I journaled what I am about to read you, I had a very sneaky and hopeful suspicion that it would be included in a speech much like this one today.

So without further ado Hadassah’s Journal Excerpt from-  August 9th, 2013

(IN Bold print) ***Important News Flash! A BOY HAS CALLED KAYLIN!!!*** (NOW BOLDER PRINT and in -ALL CAPS) This boy has also informed her that he hopes that their friendship might move forward to courtship! The name of this boy is Jonny. And thus far I like the little bit I know of Jonny. Though I must admit I actually know very little... Even though Kaylin and I had a 2-hour phone conversation (where he was the topic of choice), I only know how Jonny makes her feel, and not much else! However, I know that I like the way that he makes her feel. Kaylin kept using the phrase, “I feel like Jello.” “He makes my legs like Jello.” or “Then I went all Jello-y again.” But in the context of our conversation, this was a very good thing. I believe that Kaylin has developed quite a taste for Jell -low- Jonny, and I am excited to see to this story begin. Of course, after our conversation, I spent time covering Kaylin in prayer, and now I feel convicted that I have not done the same for Jonny, and thus I want to do so now.

Jonny, before I read this prayer, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to see the beautiful person that God has created Kaylin to be. Thank you for caring and stewarding her tender heart for nearly these 3 years. Thank you for standing with her and for her in every trial and hardship that the two of you faced, and for loving her with the love that Christ loved His church -laying down his life for her so that she might be made strong. I know that together the two of you can do all that the Lord calls you to and that your story has just begun. Write your story together every day with passion, love, trust, and faith, for in doing so you will reflect the beautiful unity of the love of Christ in your marriage covenant.

It is now my joy to close with the very prayer that I prayed silently for you Jonny in the pages of my journal that August night of 2013, only now let me pray it over you both as you enter this world as a married couple, please agree with me;

“Dear Lord, I ask that you strengthen Jonny & Kaylin in spirit and soul, that they would be able to take every step forward in confidence and that you would lead their life path in such a way that their footsteps would shake the very foundation of this world and echo into all eternity. Blessing and favor over them both Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.  Much Love and Joy to you both!