Harrogate, England

Today I sit quietly for a few moments up in my hotel room, watching the rain beat the steep roofs below. I am on the 9th floor of the largest hotel in the city, so my view is breath-taking of a historic English town, surrounded by rolling green countryside.

England is the land that I love. When I first came 3 years ago, I knew that we were going to be friends. It had a home sort of feel to it, and even after 3 years of absence the I have grown even fonder of England.

The rainy cloud mornings, followed by scattered showers, and rare bits of sunshine in between. It all is really beautiful. All of it really feels like home. There is a certain peace that fills me when I am here. I sit quietly content just watching, the stories, the quiet day to day life of those that pass by. And then I watch those that are not here any longer, the whispers of years gone by. They echo their voices over the cobblestone walkways and old cathedral bells. Though they have been absent for years now their stories still stand and their persons -thought perhaps personally forgotten never truly leave because they have their own imprints on the city.

I love this aspect of history -mixed with the modern day lives of the living. And thus I watch history through those that are even in the present leave their mark on the aging remnant. Life is a never-ending cycle that I am constantly captivated by. Life itself seems more alive to me in these moments that I spend aboard. Perhaps because everything is new and exciting, or perhaps it is deeper than that. Perhaps there is something here that actually awakens my spirit to whole new levels that I didn't even know existed. The charm and the beauty of England will always entice me, and though I prepare now for my departure of this lovely country I look forward to my next journey when we shall meet again.