Creative Writing! -Blast from the Past

Today I was randomly going through my old post on my XANGA! -Kids if you don't know what that is, it was like the biggest thing -before "MySpace" or "Facebook." I just wanted to share with you all the beauty of my young mind... Please read with caution. 

TEN random things about me:

10) I have TEN personalities! Wow, what a coincidence!

9) I howl.

8) I hate sunlight... it makes me melt... no wait- that was water.

7) I like it when the moon is full, on Friday the 13th, but only if it is the 2nd month of the year.

6) I have often wondered why the heck we have toes.

5) I can’t see my reflection in the mirror.

4) I talked to myself... (Myself)NO! DON’T ADMIT THAT! (I)Why are you embarrassed by me? (Me)Hey, what about me? What did you say about me? (You) I didn’t say anything! (I) Yes, I did, I was the one to start this conversation in the first place. (You) Quite right, I. (Myself) AH! I am losing my mind! (Mind) No, I am here and accounted for...

3) Lamas are good kissers... (Myself) uh who said that? (Who) I did. (I) No, I didn’t! Do you see an "I" in that statement? I don’t think so! (You) I’s got a point... it must have been zebra child. (Zebra Child) wink, wink.

2) ten o’clock

1) I lack gray matter. (I) No, I don’t, that’s mind. (Mind) Uh? (Myself) Now, don’t start that again!


NINE places I've visited:


8) The space between my ears!...It was very roomy.

7) The dust bunny village under my bed... they swore me in as their leader... poor things don’t get out much.

6) That place where your mind goes when you sleep. (Mind) who is your? And where do I go? (You) I sleep? (I) Yes, I do sleep. (Mind) You have very poor grammar. (You) What?!?! (Zebra Child) Wink, wink.

5) Earth...

4) One of the blades of my ceiling fan.

3) The cracks between my couch cushions.

2) The kitchen sink.

1) And the last place I’ve visited was a room with "KEEP OUT" and "DANGER" written all over it. (I) Hey, they were all right there with me. (Me) Who was I with? (Who) That’s right... I!


EIGHT things I want to do before I die:

8) Get off the ceiling fan.

7) Trim my fingernails.

6) Find out why I have toes.

5) Catch a fly with my bare hands.

4) (Moon unit # 25) Eat it.

3) ten o’clock.

2) (Moon Unit #25) Jump out of an airplane without a parachute. HEHEHEHE!!!! (Mind) Um... better make that the last thing I do before I die... (I) I-I die?

1) Seek therapy. (Zebra Child) Wink, wink.


SEVEN ways to win my heart:

7) Why would you do with a heart anyway?...Just wondering...

6) Play me poker... I bet almost everything!

5) Make me pick a card...

4) Make a bet with me...

3) ...Cheat on it.

2) Win the bet.

1) Congratz! You just won a blood pumping, still beating heart. But why would you want it in the first place... creepy!


SIX things I believe in:

6) Yetis

5) I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!

4) That there is no such thing as belly button lint. (Zebra Child) Wink, wink.

3) ten o’clock

2) UFO’s... they gave me a yeti for my brother.

1) The boogie man... he lives in the left corner of my closet, and only comes out on Friday the 13th, when the moon is full, and then only if it is the 2nd month of the year.


FIVE things I'm afraid of:

5) Tomatoes... because it has the word "toes" in it.

4) Toes...

3) That the UFO’s will give me back my brother.

2) Being disowned by my dust bunny village.

1) The humming butterfly. Believe me, it is scary!


FOUR of my favorite items in my room:

4) My dust bunny village.

3) My yeti, quite the item. ; )

2) My socks, because they make me forget I have toes!

1) The boogie man... hehehe, another item.


THREE things I do every day:

3) Stair at my toes and yell, "WHY!"

2) Try to get the boogie man to come out of the closet. (Zebra Child) Wink, wink.

1) Howl...


TWO things I'm trying not to do right now:

2) Howl, the neighbors are starting to chase me with pitchforks.

1) Let a winking Zebra scare me out of my mind.


ONE person, I want to see right now:

1) Frank... he is my Yeti.