National Adoption Day

 In honor of national adoption day, I wanted to take a moment and talked about my heart and desire for adoption. I also wanted to honor all the families that embraced the process of adoption and say I am excited to someday join your community! Here is a very brief

My first conscious memory of wanting to adopt was when I was in my early teens, and I was watching a newly adopted toddler play in the sand with her mother. I remember in that moment something pulled at my heartstrings, and I knew that I wanted to adopt my daughter someday. 

My family wasn't accustomed to the concept of adoption, though I know they supported the idea for other families -but the one common theme that stood out in conversations concerning adoption was how challenging it must be.

When I was dating my now husband, I remember thinking before I ventured into the adoption conversation that this was going to be a make it or break it deal for me. And thankfully he was very supportive and said that he too, wanted to adopt. 

So now sevens years into our marriage, we are finally feeling that adoption process is around the corner. As we watched other newlyweds around us start families, the waiting process for us has been the hardest. With adoption, you have to have certain things in place before you can be considered to adopt a child. Every organization is different as well as every country concerning requirements in order for someone to adopt. And unfortunately, the country that we have decided to start with the adoption process is China. China is known for strict policies, lots of paperwork, and expensive processes. However, I have known that I wanted to adopt from China the moment that I knew I wanted to adopt. 

In 2013 it was again confirmed to me my desire to adopt from China. It was during a session in ministry school when we had students from different countries come to the front and pray for their country in their native tongue. When the young lady got up and start praying for China, I began to sob, deep sobs that made my heart ache. In that moment I began to pray for my daughter, I prayed for her in a way that I never had before. It was like suddenly I was painfully aware of her existence, and the fact that she had to live some life without me. I began to pray that she would know that she was loved and that God would hold her during all the times that she was scared, alone, or sad. 

Every day since that prayer, I have missed her. I am not sure how to explain missing someone that you have never met, but you do. I want her to know that she is love, I want to hold her, I want her here with me. But it is not time yet... And I must wait, and prepare for our first meeting.