The Woes of an Introvert

Sunday... one of the hardest days of the week for me. I have a love-hate relationship with this day because it is the calm before the storm* (*Storm referring to another week of social interactions). Oh sure there is Saturday too, which is nice to sleep in and rest, but then one has to rise and clean the house (there are people in the house), do the grocery shopping (people there too), and maintain non-work social engagements (all of which can be quite taxing for an introvert that shares work space, home space, and sleeping space with highly extroverted people... ...oh the joys!)

But really I shouldn't complain and I don't mean too, its just that I am tried, and I am not ready to jump back into 10 hours away from the comfort of my room, and forced to be social and interact like a human being... Life is hard! ;)


Sometimes I think that I should have been born in a different decade... okay maybe a different century, or millennium! I mean really, the thought of walking for days, or months, not interacting with another human sounds quite intriguing! Just me and my jungle cat, against the rest of the world... oh yes! I can see it!

Me: "What's that Tigra?! Humans? Well, lunch must have come early for you today!"

...Just kidding... kind of.

I love people. Well, most of them... No, really I love everyone, but I like selectively (that's allowed right?) But sometimes I just need my space. Somedays (when its not raining like in the day's of Noah) I'll just take off running down the street. I might tell someone that I am leaving and I might not, depends how adventurous and reckless I am feeling in my suburban neighborhood. It is in these moments of aloneness, with my feet pounding the blacktop, that I feel untouchable. My heart feels alive, and it seems that in this moment with not another soul engaging mine, that I feel truly free.

Then, someone yells at me because I am in the middle of the street, and I shuffle to the side to let the monster truck pass, even though I don't think it should be legal to drive with those size of tires outside of a stadium... *Bunny Trail starts here*

Anyways, the reality of interacting with people on a daily basis can be so overwhelming for us introverts. Sometimes please just give us our space. Let us glare from the comfort of our large books (that protect us from every seeming interesting to non-intellectual people), and let us duck-out early at your parties, because really we do need to recharge before we can get ready for bed... Yes, its a process to let our brain and soul recover from conversations.

In this world that glorifies the extrovert tendencies, and labels introvert preferences as signs of social weakness, please be kind to us. Love us from a far, and one day we might let you love us close. Just speak softly, use big works, and let sentences end in periods and not exclamation points... okay? And if you can remember that I will not feed you to my tiger...



Photo by  Wayne Chan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Wayne Chan on Unsplash