It's Not Magic -A story from the other side of being "Fit"

I am what many people considered intense or an overachiever. However, really I don't see myself that way. I see myself as someone who works very hard, and sacrifices personal desires, but in no way do I see myself as someone who has it all together. Nor do I see myself as someone who has arrived at where I want to be, though I can see that at times off in the distance... ...telling me to reach a little further, and to climb a little higher. 

My driven personality can be intimating to other people, and sometimes I forget that until it comes across in their passive comments about my choice of lifestyle.

"Would you like a cookie? Or is that against your religion?!"

I wish that they would understand that I have worked years to reach this level, it was not something I learned overnight, and it has been a painful and hard journey -and often times very lonely.

I choose to eat very clean and live foods, meaning mostly veggies. I have learned that my body reacts badly to most processed and sugary foods, and thus I stay away from them. Not because I am self-righteous, but because I know what makes me sick and what makes my body happy. I also know that my body responses well to exercise, best on a daily basis. This was something that I have only started making a habit of these past 5 years. Before then, I was too embarrassed to workout much -due to the mass amount of muscle that my body would build. I was teased as a teen because my arms and legs were "buff" for a girl, and of course, my friends were all of the smaller size, and told me that I was too boy like. Thus, I stopped working out in my teen years and starved myself trying to train my "buff" body to be thin, yet I did not get the results that I had hoped for.

The basic point that I am trying to make is this...

"Do not make others regret the habits and lifestyle that makes them successful."

I am a healthy, and mostly happy person. I do follow my diet and exercise goals rather strictly, but I do make a point to be extra careful not to make anyone feel bad or guilty for the way that they choose to eat and live.

I am not a "jock" and I am able to carry out intelligent conversations, so please don't put me in a box. There is enough confusion and pain in the world, why should we add regret or uneasiness to someone else's life? And just let the girl run!

Photo by  Cyril Saulnier  on  Unsplash