Finding Routine, Finding Health

This month as the first month of the year, I wanted to focus on self-care. That means emotional, spiritual, and physical. I am a person of high extremes, and thus if I am going to commit to something I commit to it 110%! If I go raw food, I am totally raw! If I am sugar free, I completely believe that it is the devil’s food! And so on…

However, everyone is always concerned with the words “balance” and “moderation” both words I am not the biggest fan of. However, I whole heartly believe that one needs to find what works for them, and that what everyone can and can’t do will be completely different. Thus, the tick is to know when to push yourself, and when to go easy!

Let me state, that I am not a certified nutritionist (though I have probably but the hours in with personal study), but I want to share with you my thoughts and personal discoveries over the years. My journey with health, and in particular in health food, started when I was in my mid-teens. My mother was fighting cancer, and did both chemotherapy and alternative treatments. The alternative treatments consisted of lots of supplements and strict diet guidelines, those of which when she followed, seemed to improve her health. But when she stopped following those guidelines, I noticed that she seemed to grow sicker and less hopeful. I noted that eating healthier didn't just affect her physical health but also her emotional attitude. We really are what we eat!

Ever since then I was very aware of the foods that I consumed and how they affected my body. I noticed what foods gave me energy and what food seemed to rob my energy. I also noticed what food even made my attitude adjust for the better or worst. I went and explored many different diets and exercise, and have found a lifestyle that has transformed me inside and out.

My key has been finding what is a doable routine that brings me life, gives me energy, and challenges me just enough that I am constantly pushing my physical ability, and strengthening both emotional and physical health.

Below is my morning routine that I have been faithful to for the last 4 years with some refinement added when needed;

  • Start each weekday at 5am (I know that seems horribly early for some, but it seems to be the best time to interrupt my sleep cycle, click here to calculate your sleep cycle).
  • Drink a quart of hot water while reading morning devotions. (Drink a quart of warm water each morning has many health benefits, and it is a pleasant way to wake up your body naturally, click here for more info from health hero -David Wolfe)
  • Exercise for 25-40 minutes and burn roughly 200-300 calories -I enjoy HIIT routines, as right now I am focusing on building lean muscle rather than building bulk. I have done P90x, Insanity, and currently my favorite workouts is a free online platform called “Fitnessblender” -as it doesn’t push their products, and I agree most with their meal suggestions. I also have seen the best results from them, for the female body. Working out every morning, also gives me an emotional boost! I feel happy and accomplished once I break a sweat!
  • After my workout it's about 6:15-6:30, and I go to get ready for my day, as my husband preps the veggies for our juice. Then we switch it is my turn to juice and clean up the makings while he gets ready (we have a Champion Juicer which, I really love, and it is easy to put together and clean up). Usually we are out the door by 7:20-7:30am for work (Our work is only 10 minutes away, so this morning routine works very well for us).

Now that many seem a lot to pack into a morning, but the key is finding what healthy habits work well for you, and sticking to it! My heart behind sharing this is to encourage, and to also challenge you, to reflect on what you can add or take away to your daily routine to make healthier for you.