Tis the Season for... Fairytale Soup!

This past week has been quite the rush. 2 Birthdays, 2 dinners out, and 1 wedding... ...Needles to say that when Saturday morning finally arrived my body wondered if it had died. Apparently an introvert cannot survive going out every night of week, though I faked it with the best of extroverts! (I will save this comparison between introverts and extroverts for another time)! What I wanted to share with you is a brilliant pumpkin soup recipe that I came across, during my home recovery time over the weekend.

I am always one to get the real pumpkin and boil it down for puree, so for this recipe I use a Fairytale Pumpkin (Follow the link for a brief description of this kind and for other kinds of pumpkins, if you are not pumpkin savvy). The Fairytale is one of my favorite for making soups, though the Blue Jarrahdale -is my favorite for pies!

Now, I am also one that does not always follow a recipe, so if you want the original recipe follow this link for -what I am sure, is a delicious pumpkin curry! However, below is what I modified to make a very satisfying and savory soup!

Fairytale Soup

  1. Cut half of a Fairytale Pumpkin into 2 inch pieces and place into large soup pot (Save other half for a soup, or sweet dish). ALSO -save seeds to the side for roasting!
  2. Fill water or vegetable broth so that it covers about a quarter deep of the pumpkin in the large soup pot.
  3. Place on a medium heat, and let the pumpkin boil down so that the chunks are nice an soft (takes about 20-45 minutes), stir often.
  4. Also, once the pumpkin is beginning to boil, add 3 fresh minced garlic cloves to soup.
  5. Add also 1 tablespoon curry powder, 1 tablespoon turmeric powder, and 2 tablespoons of miso paste.
  6. Mix all ingredients together and let the pumpkin continue to boil down for another 15-30 minutes.
  7. Once the pumpkin pieces are soft enough to break apart easily remove from heat.
  8. Place soup mixture into blender and with 1 cup of coconut milk, and blend until smooth. WARNING: If the soup is too hot it could break and crack apart a glass blender. Please make sure the soup is cooled enough before blending.
  9. Once all of the soup is thoroughly blended place back into large soup pot to reheat if needed.
  10. Warm to desire, and serve to enjoy!
  11. Optional: If you want to add some pizazz to this soup, take the pumpkin seeds clean them, and place in a skillet with coconut oil and sea-salt, heat till browned (you will want to place a lid on the skillet to keep them from popping out!) Remove from heat and serve over the soup! (Blanched spinach also goes well on the soup).