STRANGER THINGS... than my weekend

Sunday... the end of another perfectly good weekend... and what did I spend the last 3 hours of my freedom bliss on? -STRANGER THINGS -Also know as the NetFlix original that will never let you look at flickering lights the same way... or kids with shaved heads... or roadkill... or even walls. Lets just say I will be sleeping with the fairy lights on tonight, and if you want to go on a bike ride.... Michael can go with you. 

I don't know why I do this to myself... It like eating too much chocolate... when you know you are going to feel dizzy afterwards.  I avoid scary things mostly. I make it a point not to do anything remotely dangerous that I can avoid in real life or on the screen. Its not because I am even afraid of most shows or intense movies. In fact, once I have successfully finished a thriller (and that does happen) -I find that I actually really like it (as long as it wasn't too gross physically, or too twisted mentally). Unless if there is blood -I pass out not only at the sight of it, but actually even at the mention of it! -I have a really good imagination and it tends to run wild when it comes to injuries *(ask my friends that have seen me faint when they told old scar stories) *TRUE STORY

So there I was minding my own business, enjoying the last precious moments of my Sunday doing the things that introverts do... sitting quickly in a dark room re-living some embracing moment that happened ten years ago -when all of a sudden Michael had this brilliant idea to watch STRANGER THINGS over dinner with the girls. Now, for those of you who do not know us -"the Girls" are not our daughters, nor are they Michael's other wives (we are not into that), they are our housemates. So these are also grown adults that can make wise choices when it comes to their own entertainment consumption. 

Their judgement must have been off tonight as well, because they thought it was a brilliant idea. So there we were, we cozied up and sat around our projector watching kids run for their lives, and adults not have a clue what is going on, and ourselves getting scarred out of our minds. Okay, not everyone was scared ... but I was ...I have a mangled pillow to prove it! 

Some people calm their nerves by taking up yoga... or eating, or smoking, or drinking... or cats.... I wash things. Anything. I walked to the kitchen, and scrubbed everything. Finally after 3 hours... it was over... and now seeing how it is 9 o'clock my night is over.... And I can go back and sit and think about what might happen in the next episode of STRANGER THINGS.

Good-bye weekend! Hello Monday morning.... 

And do yourself a favor and watch STRANGER THINGS ...But make sure you have some fairy lights... and a walkie talkie... Sleep Well!