Today was a sad day in the Tate household... Okay, it wasn't that sad. I think that I am more relieved than sad... and I think that I might have thought about it twice since the event happened, but it was still fun to just start off the post that way (sick sense of humor -I know!).. 

Today we were able to re-home our little lion head bunny -Olaf. We had this bunny since its birth in June of 2015, we had hand raised it, and had tried to introduce it as a friend to our senior resident rabbit at the time -Mr. Baggins, but Mr. Baggins took no liking to Olaf. We were able to re-home Baggins this Summer, and knew that we should also re-home the Olaf as well, but we wanted to wait to find the perfect solution.

Today, a special little girl was turning 9, and Olaf was to be her birthday present. She came over to meet him, and seemed to be more shy of him, then he was of her. Olaf, is very friendly, almost stupid -not that friendly and stupid are closely related, okay, maybe they are. Anyways, Olaf did very well, and off he went with his newly found home. 

Michael and I have been married almost 7 years, and we have had a total of 3 pets. -All of which we have successfully rescued and then re-homed. Its not that we don't like animals -we really do, it's just with our work and travel schedules it seems that we are not home long enough to make it worth the animal's time. We have had some very kind pet-sitters, mostly our dear friend and housemates have always been available for some animal airBNB, but trying to plan and juggle seemed to be more work and stress on the animal than what it was worth. 

Someday I would love a dog! A little french bulldog! But when that day comes I will need to be quite well off, so that I could take him everywhere without a second thought! Take him on the planes with me and travel Europe together! -But we are not there yet, by any means, but it is a happy thought. French bulldogs always look like they are smiling and I love their little tiny bodies with humongous ears! 

But for now, we will be just another pet-less household. With our computers and deadlines to keep us company on public holidays (I wish I was kidding).